VLF Sine Wave 34 kV

Portable VLF sine wave test system

  • High test capacity of 5 µF
  • Suitable for outdoor use (IP 54)
  • Single-button operation
  • Integrated safety system
  • Reporting
  • Continuous duty cycle

The VLF sine wave 34 kV is a compact, robust and portable VLF sine wave test system for medium voltage cables. It's optimised for rapid transportation and quick setup, and is an ideal tool for routine cable testing. For both 0.1 Hz sine wave voltage tests and rectangular or DC voltage tests, the VLF sine wave 34 kV fills the highest demands on the test voltage quality and stability. Moreover, the integrated breakdown detection shuts down the test voltage in the event of an excessive charge current and guarantees limited damage to the cable.

The VLF Sine Wave 34 kV can be used for cable testing, sheath testing and, in combination with the optional step voltage probe ESG NT, sheath fault pinpointing. The system can also be used as a voltage source for the optional tan delta measurement and partial discharge attachments, and can be easily expanded to a universal testing and diagnostic system.


Version for use with:

  • MFM10
  • ETray
  • Easytester 10/20kV
  • NIM 1000
  • VLF Sinus 28/30/34/51/54
  • VLF Sinus 45/62 (TDM 45/62-P)

Installation instructions:

  • Download the zip archive.
  • Open the zip archive.
  • Copy the EasyProt62 folder to the desired installation folder.
  • Open the installation folder.
  • Double-click on EasyPro.exe, if you want to import log files from any aforementioned product other than VLF Sinus 62.


  • Double-click on EasyProt_62.exe, if you want to import VLF Sinus 62 log files.
EasyProt version update
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