Arc stabilising unit

  • Active ARM fault location with built-in impulse generation
  • Conduct pre-location with either the surge generator or directly for low voltage fault location
  • Compatible with all surge generators and reflectometers

The ARM 3-E arc stabilising unit lets you pre-locate high resistance faults in both low and high voltage cables by providing short-term stabilisation of an arc. The arc is then ignited by a surge wave generator (SWG) where surge voltages of up to 32 kV are allowed.

The ARM 3-E also eliminates high impedance in the current circuit, allowing the SWG’s ignition to be used to full effect. This makes it ideal for finding faults in long cables, those with poor transmission, or those in extremely wet conditions. 

Even extremely long ignition delay times (up to 500 ms) do not pose a problem for the ARM 3-E: the Teleflex M activates at the correct point thanks to the trigger pulse from the ARM 3-E, ensuring an accurate measurement.

Additionally, ignition voltages of up to 2 kV can be generated from the ARM 3-E itself by using the “ARM-SURGE” key. As such, when using the arc reflection method in low voltage systems, you do not need a separate shock discharge generator. This also precludes that a voltage of more than 2 kV is put on the cable.