Infrabel – Infrastructure Belgian Railways

Infrabel is a state-owned company responsible for the national railway infrastructure in Belgium. The
company operating the trains is NMBS.

Belgium has one of the densest rail networks in the world. This small country has 551 railway stations and 3064 km of electrified track. More than 200 million passenger rides are counted on an annual basis.

Electrification started back in the fifties. At that point in time, it was decided that the Belgian rail tracks would be electrified with 3000 V DC, and other countries, such as Spain and Italy, did the same. Today, Infrabel has more than 2000 DC high speed breakers in operation from different manufacturers including Acec, Ansaldo (Micro Elettrica), AEG, and Secheron.

The North-West region decided to purchase 6 BALTO 8000 systems to test their breakers and relays. 

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