Motor and generator testing

Motor and generator testing

Motor and generator testing

Electric motor test and monitoring solutions

Looking for Baker Instrument Company? We are now part of Megger!


Baker Instruments’ electric motor analysers fall into three categories:

  • Static analysers are used on off-line motors and generators to test motor circuit and insulation condition.
  • Dynamic analysers are used for monitoring on-line motors to capture power quality, motor condition and load issues.
  • Electric motor QC systems are designed for motor, generator and coil manufacturers to test the insulation and other parameters of coils, stators and armatures rapidly and repeatably in a production context.


Baker Instruments is a leading provider of test equipment for the electrical condition monitoring of motors, generators and coils. Whether you are testing in a motor repair shop, in an industrial plant, on a ship or up a wind turbine, Baker Instruments motor test equipment allows you to fully understand the condition of the motor, the power supply and the load. Comprehensive motor testing allows you to reduce costs and avoid unplanned motor and machine downtime.

Baker have the expertise to fully support our customers with on-site demonstrations of all equipment prior to purchase, product training, application support, calibration and repair.

The business was acquired by Megger from the SKF Group on the 19th August 2018. 

For all sales or product enquires, please contact the following:

Global Sales Manager and Asia Pacific


Paul Knock
Tel: +1(970) 282 1200
Cell: +61 451013147

Latin America


Luis Beltran
Tel:   +1 416-299-1220  Ext.: 2873
Cell.: +1 416-908-4770

US Sales Manager


Scott Lebruska
Toll-free:  800-752-8272
Tel: 970-282-6089
Cell: 970-481-5130

UK, North Europe and Middle East


Michael Herring
Tel: +44 1372 375590
Cell: +44 779 5052458

France, South Europe and Africa


Joseph DiCrea
Tel: +33 6 33270986
Cell: +33 30 16 08 90


Technical support

Baker equipment users can contact our highly-regarded technical support team for questions and problem resolution. Hours are 7am to 3:30pm US Mountain Time (UTC -7 hrs). Emails may be submitted at any time. To contact the Baker Instruments Technical Support Group:

Telephone: 1-800-752-8272 Option 1 for tech support, or +1 970-282-6080

Equipment service

Megger Baker Instruments offers in-warranty and post-warranty repair and calibration services for current and older models. Our main service location is in Fort Collins, CO, USA, and our expanding network of authorised service centers means that your equipment may be serviced much nearer to your location for a quicker turnaround and lower shipping costs.

Telephone: 1-800-752-8272 Option 4 for service / calibration support, or +1 970-282-6088
To submit a return authorisation (RA) for Baker equipment: