KC-C series long test leads

Low current test lead sets for wind turbine lightning protection

  • Designed to work with DLRO2 (including long lead test mode)
  • Allows easy and reliable measurement of lightning protection circuit resistance of tall structures
  • Unique lightweight and versatile design, ideal for difficult testing tasks „
  • Cable reels in two lengths KC100C (100 m) and KC50C (50 m) „
  • 50 m extension (KC50E) allows up to 200 m testing with the DLRO2 long test lead mode „
  • Easy to use, click-to-lock connectors rated IP68 „
  • Ideal for testing low resistance on wind turbines, railways, and long cables

The new KC-C series long test leads are low current test lead sets for wind turbine lightning protection. They are updated versions of the popular KC series test leads that take advantage of the long test lead mode on the new DLRO2. The DLRO2’s ability to test with up to 3.2 Ω total resistance at 1 A means the new KC-C series of leads can be much smaller and lighter than the KC series, a distinct safety enhancement when working at height.

What's more, the set comes with the new KC100C cable reel that weighs in at a low 7.6 kg (16.8 lbs), compared to the nearly 15 kg (33 lbs) weight of the KC100 cable reel.

The KC100C and KC50C lead sets consist of two leads, a short one 3 m long, and a long one on a cable drum. On each end of each test lead there is an IP68 rated (when connected), click locking connector. This allows the terminations to be fitted on either end of the test leads. The instrument connections are interchangeable with the test connections.