Transformer ohmmeter standard

  • High accuracy ±0.1 % ohmmeter standard
  • Rugged design for field use
  • Designed to be used with large test clips or banana jack inputs
  • Four terminal Kelvin – no lead compensation
  • Universal standard for use with all ohmmeters

The TOS1 transformer ohmmeter standard has been designed to be used with ohmmeters as a high accuracy reference resistance standard. This unique standard provides resistance measurements across a wide range of uses when calibrating ohmmeters and is designed for use as a laboratory calibration standard, or as a portable check standard for field resistance verification of any ohmmeter.

The TOS1 is primarily designed to be used in calibration facilities where accurate resistance values are required and can be used with any single-phase or three-phase ohmmeter. When testing three-phase ohmmeters with the TOS1, use the instrument’s single-phase excitation method.