Megger continues to expand with a new office in Saudi Arabia

Megger continues to expand with a new office in Saudi Arabia

The new office and Service Centre open doors for business in Riyadh in January 2023


Megger Middle East announces the expansion of its business operations in the Middle East in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The facility, now called Megger Arabia, will cater to the company's growing client base in the region, and will help accommodate the company's expansion plans over the next few years. It will also act as a full-fledged extension of the existing office in the neighbouring country of Bahrain.

The space is intended to aid the seamless integration of all company functions, with an emphasis on establishing a comprehensive training and support centre for the Megger range of products to help our customer base in Saudi Arabia.

This is an important expansion for us as we have seen significant growth and demand from the Saudi market over the last few years” said Mohammad Tariq, Megger Middle East’s General Manager. “We always wanted to be closer to customers and improve the after sales support by providing various types of services, including, but not limited to, calibration, repair, training courses, assembly and repair of transformers and cable test vans, PD monitoring sensor installations, and testing services. Riyadh is the best place to launch these types of services because in the Middle East, the biggest market is Saudi.”

Megger’s new office has welcomed three staff members: Hamdan AlMukhalas, KSA Sales Manager heading Saudi operation; Ahmed Khamis, Service and repair manager, managing the workshop and support centre; and Amar Patil, service and repair specialist with wide experience of test techniques for power applications. They will work hand-in-hand with the team in Bahrain to handle administration and technical support for the region and will carry out training for advanced electrical testing.


Megger Arabia

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