Renewables Wind Power Season

Renewables Wind Power Season

Wind power is an increasingly popular technology that is solving energy demands in every country around the world. Its constant technological developments are adding significant technical challenges to testing engineers and maintenance teams. Therefore, it's crucial to continually update your knowledge on the latest industry trends, understand the latest testing techniques, and the important role of industry standards.


Our Wind Power Webinar series is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and support on this subject. Eight hot topics have been presented by experts from Megger around the world in the form of webinars; each session covers standards, examples, techniques, case studies, and includes a live Q&A session with the audience.


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Module #1 - Wind turbine testing for safety, efficiency, and fault identification.



Module #2 - Testing ground systems and lightning protection systems in wind generation power.



Module #3 - July 13th, 2:00 PM BST - Cable fault location in wind turbines.



Module #4 - July 25th, 2.30 PM BST - Transformers in the wind energy system - challenges and opportunities.


Module #5 - September 5th, 2.30 PM BST - Condition assessment of different assets within a wind power installation with partial discharge diagnostics.


Module #6 - September 26th, 2:00 PM BST - Wind turbine testing - advanced winding analysis for generators and ancillary motors.



Module #7 - October 12th, 2.30 PM BST - Relay protection strategies and test challenges in wind farms.


Module #8 - October 24th, 2:00 PM BST - Battery applications in wind farms.