Socket interface adaptor

  • Allows sockets to be tested without disassembly
  • Prevents damage to connections
  • Reduces test time
  • Decoration remains intact
  • Colour coded for simplicity of use
  • Makes testing easy where access to socket is limited
  • Remains safe if left inadvertently connected to live supply

The SIA10 socket interface adaptor is the safe solution for when you want to test insulation and continuity at a UKBS1363 13 A 3-pin power socket, as disassembly of the socket and exposure of live conductors is eliminated. Full connection flexibility is enabled by three separate 4 mm plugs capable of connecting to any input point of the tester, reducing the time taken to test.

Plugs are colour-coded for easy identification, and configuration changes are done at the tester, so accessing awkward socket locations, such as under desks or within cupboards, are no longer a problem. This adaptor is ideal for use when the electrical outlet is in a tight space and working directly into the back of a socket would be difficult.