Static and dynamic resistance measurement accessory

  • Enables resistance measurement on circuit breakers
  • Small and lightweight
  • A number of operations can be run with short waiting intervals
  • For use with TM1800, TM1700, TM1600, and EGIL

The SDRM202 is a static and dynamic resistance measurement accessory for the TM1800, TM1700, TM1600, and EGIL. For use with EGIL, the EGIL must be equipped with the SDRM option and CABA Win version R03A or higher.

Using the SDRM202 together with the TM1800, TM1700, TM1600/MA61, or the EGIL, enables you to measure the current and the voltage-drop across the circuit breaker contacts. The measuring unit can thus calculate the resistance as a function of time.

A system consists of an SDRM202 unit with current cables and an SDRM Cable which comes in three versions for TM1800/1700, TM1600, and EGIL respectively. The SDRM Cable is a small box with integrated cables for connection to the SDRM202 and to the TM1800, TM1600, or EGIL.