Safety notices

Safety notices

If you have any of the products listed below, please read and action the customer safety notices relating to your instrument.

EVCA210 safety hazard notice

Megger has identified a potential electrical safety hazard which, should a fault occur within the EVCA210 Electric Vehicle Charge-Point Adaptor, could compromise the electrical safety within the unit.

Safety is always Megger’s highest priority. Consequently, we have taken the decision that all EVCA210s must be returned for modification to install the additional mechanical protection.

The modification is necessary and Megger will endeavour to complete the work and return your unit as quickly as possible. Units shall be returned to Dover where we will undertake the corrective action free of charge.

We apologise for any inconvenience this action may cause and can assure you we will be working to expedite the modification and return your adapter to you as quickly as possible.


Piers Grummet

Group Operations Director

MFT1700 and MFT1800 series notice