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Electrical Tester Magazine - July 2021

Electrical Tester Magazine - July 2021

This ET issue offers tremendous electrical testing learning opportunities:

A feature article that introduces virtual testing of protective relays – that’s right, and this method is already in practice today!
DC high-speed circuit breakers – where are they found and how are they tested?
Diagnostic testing of bushings, integrating newest learning from the last few years – amounting to far more diagnostic successes than ever before.
An article that explores the relationship between thermal imaging and a dedicated low-resistance ohmmeter – read why, in an electrical preventative maintenance program, one to the other is the ‘jelly to the peanut butter’.
Surge and lightning arresters – not so fast deciding that ignoring them is the best business practice
Motor and generator articles x 4 (VLF, partial discharge, inrush current, and restricted earth fault (REF) protection).
My transformer is wet! Now what?
Foundational knowledge – what is a knee point, after all?
All things protection and standards orgs’ work – Electropedia, IEC 60255, and IEC61850 in relation to the smart grid. Plus, get to know IEEE GPECOM and its ‘industry meets education’ ethos.
Reading suggestions, historical interest, news and more…