SWG 505

5 kV, 500 J surge wave generator

  • Surge generator for 3 kV, 4 kV, and 5 kV voltages
  • Output up to 500 J
  • Optimised surge energy for switchable capacitors

The smallest, lightest, and least expensive surge wave generator, the SWG 505 is ideal for situations where flexibility, portability, and price-to-performance ratio are more important than getting the highest voltage or surge energy. The SWG 505 gives you three voltage ranges (3 kV, 4 kV, and 5 kV), which allows each voltage stage to use the full surge energy of 500 Joules.

Together with reflectometers, surge wave generators are a central component of cable fault location and are used for both pre-locating and pinpointing faults.

Technical Documents
Technical guide
Power Cable Fault Locating Safety Notice