10 A DLRO test leads

A selection of test leads for low resistance ohmmeters

  • Carry one lead set and swap terminations
  • Simple push and twist for a quick change
  • Lockable twist cap secures the leads
  • Four-terminal 10 A test lead system
  • Warning/indicator lights for DLRO10 range
  • Extension leads available

The 10 A DLRO test leads are a duplex-connected test lead system for use with any Megger 10 A DLRO or BT51 instrument. 

This four-terminal test lead system is designed to provide the most cost-effective and convenient way to provide you with all off the test lead terminations and lead lengths required for the many different applications encountered in low resistance testing.

At the centre of this unique test lead system is a bespoke connector allowing terminations, such as kelvin clips or duplex test probes, to be changed as required. There are two connector versions, one being fitted with indicator LEDs that operate with the DLRO10 range of instruments.

The indicator LEDs provide enhanced safety and convenience with indications as follows:


  • Warning when connecting to a hazardous live voltage
  • Indication when continuity is made
  • Indication when a test is complete and a measurement is on the instrument display

DLRO10X adds:

  • Indication of pass/fail to user-set test limits

All these important indications are seen near the point of connection, so you don't need to view the instrument display. There is even a 6 m extension lead for even greater flexibility!