Easytest 20 kV

VLF 20 kV cable test system

  • Configurable test sequences
  • AC, DC, and sheath testing in one single system
  • No polarisation effects
  • Ideal for quick voltage test before putting a cable into operation
  • Easy to operate

The Easytest 20 kV is a VLF 20 kV cable test system represents a simplified version of the standard VLF test. It has been designed to verify operational integrity against operational reliability, which is the objective of a standard VLF test in accordance with the respective standards.

The Easytest 20 kV is small and lightweight testing device that give you the advantage of alternating voltage. With an output voltage of 20 kV and 0.1 Hz AC at 0.5 μF (and up to 2.5 μF at 0.02 Hz), the Easytest provides sufficient power to test 20 kV cables that are up to 2 km in length at 0.1 Hz with a test voltage of 1.7 Uo.

There is also a DC voltage module with leakage current measurement available for testing with both PVC and PILC, and a sheath testing function and pulsed-output-voltage for sheath fault pinpointing.

All measured data can be saved to a memory stick with the optional logging function. In combination with the Winkis/chip card version, all test parameters can be set directly from the PC. After inserting the chip card, the test parameters saved on it are loaded directly to the Easytest. Once the test has taken place, the readings are stored on the chip card.