2 A Low resistance ohmmeter

  • New Difference Meter for quick data comparisons 
  • Use long leads at 1 A without compromising test speed 
  • Safely test the resistance of inductive loads at 1 A 
  • < 600 V active protection against inadvertent live connections without blowing a fuse 
  • Ideal for outdoor use with protection against dust and moisture to IP54 
  • Industry standard safety rated at CATIII 600 V/CATIV 300 V 

Get fast, accurate, repeatable measurements - even in noisy environments - with the DLRO2 hand-held 2 A low resistance ohmmeter. 

The DLRO2 can measure low resistance values across a wide range of applications, from railways and aircraft to industry components. This tough device comes with a brand new ‘difference’ meter that allows repetitive measurements to be easily compared with an initial reference measurement. The difference meter also translates the percentage difference to a needle/pointer movement, making the changes clear to see. 

If your applications require long test leads, then the DLRO2 can provide this without compromising test speed or safety. It has a dedicated long lead test to optimise the output, and this long test lead function is able to provide up to 1 A of test current into 4 ohms resistance. The DLRO2, with its optional cable reel test leads, is therefore ideal for testing wind turbine and avionic lightning protection applications. 

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