30 kV damped AC cable test set

  • Peak damped AC (DAC) voltage of 30 kV
  • Fully enclosed partial discharge (PD) detector eliminates operator exposure to HV potential
  • Real-time detection and mapping of PD
  • Performs testing to IEEE 400.4 standards
  • Two module design for easy handling and transport
  • Safe operation thanks to fully isolated design

The MV DAC30 is a 30 kV damped AC (DAC) cable test set with partial discharge (PD) diagnostic capabilities. It can be used detect and map PD activities in real-time so you can immediately evaluate the test results. It is also ideal for the quality control of newly laid cables, in accordance with the IEEE 400.4 standard, and can be used for the condition monitoring of aged cable circuits.

The MV DAC30 is the first system in the world to integrate both the power source and PD coupler into a single portable unit. This revolutionary design eliminates operator and environmental exposure to high voltage potential, ensuring the highest level of electrical safety. The system separates into two modules, each weighing less than 77 lbs, for easy handling and transportation.

Technical Documents
Technical guide
Critical Analysis of IS 1255-1983, reaffirmed 1996 for “Code of Practice for Installation and Maintenance of Power Cables up to and including 33 kV rating”
PD Detector Software for MV DAC30, TDS NT, TDM 45, PDS 62
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