TDR2000/3 and TDR2010

Advanced dual-channel time domain reflectometers

  • IP54 rating for working in the field
  • 'Auto setup' mode for instant, easy use
  • 'AutoFind' and 'FindEnd' functions help you find the fault fast
  • Trace tagging allows a name to be saved with the trace
  • Distance-dependent gain counteracts signal attenuation
  • Step function improves detection of near-end faults

The TDR2000/3 and TDR2010 advanced dual-channel time domain reflectometers have been designed for the location of faults in communication and pilot cables and some power supplies. They are tough, rated CAT IV to 150 V, and are dust and weatherproof to IP54, making them ideal for working in the field.

Features such as 'Auto setup' help you to get useful traces fast, while the 'AutoFind' fuction assists you with the interpretation of the traces. If you're an expert user, you can manually override the auto function allowing you to fine tune the instrument to identify hard-to-determine faults. What's more, the new screen layout enables you to overlay traces, assisting in the location of faults.

Megger device drivers
Megger device USB drivers
1.2 MB | 01/03/22

TraceXpert is a fully featured PC software application for the Windows operating system, which is used to download results from compatible instruments, store and manipulate these results, manage customer details, print out reports and upload data back to the TDR.

TraceXpert Software
14.2 MB | 01/03/22
TraceXpert User Guide
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