Cable identifier

  • Identifies a de-energised primary cable safely
  • Identifies live secondary cables up to 240 V AC
  • Avoids false positives
  • Easy and safe to operate

The CI cable identifier will safely identify a dead (or de-energised) primary cable within a group of energised or de-energised cables. It can also indentify live secondary cables, including neutrals, up to 240 V AC (440 optional).

This absolutly safe identification method done by the CI is based on polarity and signal magnitude of the DC pulse (up to 100 A) coming from the transmitter, which is picked up by the receiver and a clip-on probe. The transmitter can operate on 120 V AC or via its internal battery that gives you up to 50 hours run time. The entire CI system functions without user adjustments and will never provide a false positive identification.

The standard combination kit, for high and low voltage cables, includes a 6-inch flexible clip-on probe and two touch sensors for all the applications where a clip-on cannot be used.