Circuit breaker analysis software

  • Pre-defined standard test plans for quick and easy testing
  • Detailed circuit breaker analysis by accurate comparison with historical test results
  • Graphical display of a variety of measurements and timing test results
  • Convenient report generation with MS Word or List&Label
  • Compatibility with TM1800, TM1700, TM1600/MA61, and EGIL units

CABA Win circuit breaker analysis software has earned a benchmark reputation in circuit breaker analysis. CABA (Computer-Aided Breaker Analysis) Win organises all your test tasks and ensures that measurements are conducted in the same way for each object being tested. The software then saves the results and generates a report.

When it comes to analysing the results, the CABA Win enables you to work with a number of graphic windows, compare different measurements by overlaying one graph on another in the same display, and use cursors and powerful zoom functions for detailed analysis. Test results from earlier versions of CABA are upwards compatible with CABA Win.

CABA Win simplifies testing and ensures the quality of the test procedure, and it can be used with Megger circuit breaker testers TM1800, TM1700, TM1600/MA61, and EGIL. 

CABA Win - PC software

CABA Win is applicable for use together with the Circuit breaker analysers:

  • EGIL
  • TM1700
  • TM1800
  • TM1600 (obsolete)


CABA Win version R06E

Please follow the installation instructions contained within.
107.2 MB | 31/01/23