Baker Training Dynamic Level 2

Megger Baker Instruments

Successful completion of Dynamic Level I is a prerequisite for this course


This course builds upon knowledge obtained from successful completion of previous Baker course work and significant field experience with dynamic motor monitoring equipment. The course provides instruction on detailed diagnosis of motor and motorized system problems. Coursework includes review of case studies, analysis of previously acquired data, hands-on, live motor acquisition/monitoring and resultant data analysis in a laboratory environment. Successful completion of this course is contingent upon passage of a final written and practical exam.



· Explain the operation of dynamic-state motor monitoring equipment and associated software

· Describe motor and machine system monitoring applications

· Develop a good working knowledge of electric motor theory and how it pertains to motor monitoring

· Hands-on training for familiarity with instrumentation connection and operation

· Diagnose potential problems within electric motors and the systems within which they operate


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