High power test and diagnosis combination for MV cables

  • Cable testing, cable diagnosis, and sheath testing in one device
  • Enables standard compliant high power VLF testing at 0.1 Hz (5 µF at 40 kV RMS)
  • Internal tan delta measurement with automatic result interpretation
  • Partial discharge diagnosis using VLF sine wave, damped AC or 50/60 Hz slope technology voltages

The TDM45 high power test and diagnosis combination for medium voltage (MV) cables is a revolutionary series that saves you time when testing new and in-service power cables. This patented concept addresses the utilities increasing need for flexibility in use of test and measuring equipment based on the type of application.

The modular design of the TDM45 allows you to individually set up the unit based on the type of job that needs to be executed. If, for example, you are performing withstand testing on short cable lengths, then only one module would be needed. However, if part of the task needs you to perform a partial discharge diagnosis, then an additional module is needed.

Technical Documents
Technical guide
TDM45 series brochure
PD Detector Software for MV DAC30, TDS NT, TDM 45, PDS 62
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