Laser distance meter

  • 50 m range
  • Accuracy 1.5 mm (up to 10 m range)
  • Automatic Max/Min measurements
  • Ranges can be in meters, feet, and inches
  • Area calculation
  • Volume calculation
  • 20 measurement memory
  • Supplied with protective carry pouch
  • Built-in spirit level

The Megger MLM50 laser distance meter is a compact, easy-to-use, laser distance measuring device. It is housed in a shock absorbent IP54-rated protective case and incorporates soft-touch, sure-click buttons. With a measurement range of up to 50 m, the MLM50 offers the user either single or continuous measurement modes and the ability to track maximum and minimum measurements quickly and easily.

In addition, the unit can automatically calculate area or volume and has the added bonus of being able to record and save the last 20 readings into its internal memory for later recall. These memorised values are retained even if the batteries are removed or replaced.