Proving unit

  • 5 stepped nominal output voltages
  • Automatic operation
  • High output power suitable for test lamps
  • Extended battery life
  • Magnetic base
  • Rugged case

The MPU690 proving unit provides a portable battery operated voltage source that can verify the correct functioning of two-pole voltage detectors. The device safely generates a range of voltages from 50 to 690 V in five steps. At switch on, the unit initially generates 690 V then, after a short period, slowly ramps down through each voltage step until the device switches off. The individual voltage steps are indicated by an LED. It also has an LED to indicate when the power is on and when the battery is exhausted. It is worth noting that while the unit has a high output, the unit has exceptionally good battery life.

The MPU690 features automatic power-on when voltage tester probes are inserted into the output terminals, generating a 50 Hz output voltage which simulates the AC mains supply.

The generous output power rating and the spacing of the output terminals allows the MPU690 to verify the correct operation of voltage indicators that utilise a lamp for operation. Additionally, the rugged case of the MPU690 features a magnetic base for convenient use.

Please note that the MPU690 is not recommended for use with multimeters.

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