Baker DX

Static motor analyser

  • Comprehensive range of tests in one instrument
  • Configurable to meet needs and price point
  • 4 kV to 12 kV for wide spectrum of motors and coils
  • Compatible with the Baker PPX Power Packs for testing up to 40 kV
  • High and low voltage tests to characterise circuits and insulation
  • Coil mode for rapid testing and data storage

The Baker DX static motor analyser gives you confidence that a motor is correctly wound and insulated before it’s deployed in the field. In an industrial setting, the consequential cost of failure or unplanned downtime of critical rotating machinery can be significant. The Baker DX series can apply a wide set of off-line electrical tests to assess the condition of motors and coils.

The standards-compliant surge test – this has been a signature feature of Baker testers for decades – is the only test that can safely expose turn-to-turn insulation weaknesses. The Baker DX can find early indications of insulation weakness and faults in windings, between phases, coil-to-coil and in groundwall insulation. It can identify if contamination is impacting insulation strength. It can also detect problems with connections such as feed cable insulation weakness, motor imbalances, opens, or high resistance.

The DX’s benefits can be extended to low-impedance coils, such as armatures, through the use of the Baker ZTX low impedance coil accessory. The ZTX, which includes the ATF5000 commutator probe accessory, allows the DX to apply surge tests to coils which require higher currents.

Baker Surveyor DX Software

Surveyor DX software enables Baker DX operators to use a personal computer to store more test data, generate and view reports across the full spectrum of Baker DX tests, and share and compare analysis with other maintenance personnel using data from multiple analysers. Learn more from the Baker Surveyor DX data sheet.


Product Documents
Quick start
Quick reference guide - Baker DX
Baker DX  

The following utility for Baker DX analyzers enables company logos to be embedded in test reports generated by the analyzer. It also enables Baker DX screen captures that can be saved in common image formats (e.g., .jpg, .bmp). 

To receive Baker DX firmware updates, and to request a password for updates and instructions, contact Megger Baker Instruments Technical Support Group via email at Additional firmware for the Baker DX can be downloaded from the following list. 

Surveyor DX 

Baker Surveyor DX software is a Windows PC-based software program. It extends reporting and archive capabilities of the Baker DX static motor analyzer beyond the instrument itself. Users can export data from the analyzer to a PC to save test data, analysis and reports on a desktop or mobile PC.