Baker EXP4000

Dynamic motor analyser

  • Monitors and assesses conditions across a running 'machine system' that impact the health and performance of the motor within the system
  • Evaluates the quality of incoming power fed to motor
  • Assesses motor performance indicators
  • Tracks the amount and condition of load placed on the motor
  • Instrument connection options: at a motor junction box, at the instrumentation cabinet, inside a motor control cabinet (MCC), from outside an MCC (requires a Baker EP1000 (dynamic motor link))
  • Designed for rugged site use in tight spaces typical of industrial environments
  • AC or battery operation
  • Visual confirmation of motor integrity
  • Facilitates survey of plant-wide motor efficiency
  • Microsoft Windows 7 operating system

The Baker EXP4000 dynamic motor analyser is a powerful tool, designed for site use to analyse the motor running under its normal load. It tracks multiple data types to identify trends that indicate potential problems. Voltage and current are measured and a series of parameters are then calculated, including power quality, rotor bar condition, % load, % operating efficiency, average torque value, torque ripple showing variation within process, monitoring of start-up transients (volts, current and torque), and much more.

The EXP4000 enables root-cause analysis, starting with separation of mechanical and electrical issues that may be present in a motor-machine system. By monitoring many different parameters and using advanced software algorithms, the EXP4000 is designed to pinpoint challenges across the system, including those with the power supplied, variable-frequency drive, the motor, and the load placed on the motor. Examples of the wide range of problems it can detect include:

  • wrong settings on a supply transformer's taps, poorly distributed single-phase loads, overloading (saturating) supply transformers, excessive VFDs on low voltage busses, excessive non-harmonic frequencies on a VFD, missing line-inductors on VFD applications, and missing or open power factor correction capacitors
  • thermal overloading of the motor
  • current related problems
  • broken rotor bars, mechanical issues, transient overloading, mechanical imbalances, along with bearing problems and load issues such as cavitation

The Baker EP1000 Dynamic Motor Link is an optional accessory which is installed permanently inside the motor control cabinet (MCC), and which provides a low-voltage connection port on the cabinet’s door. You can simply connect the EXP4000 to that port without the need to open the cabinet or power down the motor. This provides obvious safety benefits, as well as improved convenience and productivity where a large number of motors need to be monitored.

Through use of the Baker EXP4000, along with a static motor analyser, such as the Baker AWA-IV, maintenance professionals have the means to minimise unexpected failures while maximising uptime of motors and the machinery that they drive.

Technical Documents
Technical guide
Instantaneous Torque as a Predictive Maintenance Tool for Variable Frequency Drives and Line Operated Motors

The DC4000 is an analysis module for the EXP4000 series analyzer for analysis and documentation of DC machines. 

EP1000 Calibration Software

The EP calibration utility software can be downloaded and used to calibrate EP products.  

Surveyor EXP-AC for the EXP4000

The EXP4000 software (now branded Surveyor EXP-AC) is available for download. 


The T4000 is a torque module for EXP4000 series dynamic analyzers. It enables users to obtain conclusive evidence of problems through torque analysis. 


The VFD4000 is a variable-frequency drive module for the EXP4000 series of dynamic analyzers. It shows how frequency, speed, torque and voltage level vary with respect to time, enabling identification of transient overloading of the motor by the VFD.