Handheld 200 A micro-ohmmeter

  • Up to 220 A
  • Battery powered
  • Weighs only 1 kg
  • Safe testing with DualGround™
  • Auto range: 1 μΩ to 1000 mΩ
  • Bluetooth® PC communication
  • Complies with IEEE and IEC standards

The MOM2 handheld 200 A micro-ohmmeter has been designed to measure the resistance of circuit breaker contacts, busbar joints, and other high current links. To do this effectively, it uses an ultra capacitor to generate its high output current. This ultra capacitor is able to store a huge amount of energy compared to conventional capacitors and can deliver a very high current during discharge thanks to its very low internal resistance.

This micro-ohmmeter can be used anywhere to measure a low resistance value with high accuracy. What's more, with the MOM2, it is possible to make measurements according to the DualGround method, meaning that the test object will be grounded on both sides throughout the test providing you with a safer, faster, and easier testing experience.

MOM2 Win
MOM2 Win Software

MOM2 Win Software
28.8 MB | 29/11/22