Ferrolux Rx

Audio frequency receiver

  • Plan view of the target line location
  • Excellent results, even when cables are bunched
  • Can locate joints
  • Modular sensor design (plug and play)
  • Multifunctional system combines the most effective pinpointing methods in one device

The Ferrolux Rx audio frequency receiver with IFS tracing sensor can locate lines and cable faults with a high level of precision as it combines several functions in one device. These include the SuperMax and SignalSelect (signal flow direction identification) locating functions, plus tried-and-tested audio frequency functions. This makes the Ferrolux Rx a highly precise receiver that is able to deliver clear results in areas with lines that are routed closely together.

Longer tasks are made easy as the device weighs very little and provides a systematic and intuitive display of the measurement results. Combined with the audio frequency generators in the Ferrolux FLG series, even joints and cable faults (e.g., short circuits in wires) can be located with precision.

Management software Ferrolux/digiPHONE
digiPHONE+2 management software

Download the latest management-software Ferrolux/digiPHONE.
92.6 MB | 01/03/22