Sheath fault location system

  • Test voltage up to ±10 kV DC
  • Up to 750 mA continuous current, also suitable for burning
  • Adjustable current limiter
  • Bipolar measurement for the highest accuracy
  • Only one single removable high voltage connection cable needed
  • Easy Go operation via jogdial and touch screen
  • Automatic measurement and protocolling

The MFM10-1 is a sheath fault location system for the testing, pre-location, and pinpointing of sheath faults. It is easy to use, precise, and fast. It works using the menu-supported 'Easy Go' test system, which is intuitive to operate, interprets the results, and requires minimal training. As such, the MFM10-1 can automatically test the cables and evaluate the measured data, giving you a fast, easy, and reliable tool to test the insulation of cable sheaths, and to pre-locate and pinpoint any detected faults. 

Additionally, the bipolar pre-location feature supports the detection of galvanic and thermoelectric influences and increases the pre-location accuracy and quality. A multi-section facility permits the entry of cable segments with different parameters and difficult cable faults can be 'burned', thanks to the available high current of up to 750 mA. The MFM 10-1 can also use its integrated protocolling feature with the approved Easyprot SW software to easily generate test reports.


Version for use with:

  • MFM10
  • ETray
  • Easytester 10/20kV
  • NIM 1000
  • VLF Sinus 28/30/34/51/54
  • VLF Sinus 45/62 (TDM 45/62-P)

Installation instructions:

  • Download the zip archive.
  • Open the zip archive.
  • Copy the EasyProt62 folder to the desired installation folder.
  • Open the installation folder.
  • Double-click on EasyPro.exe, if you want to import log files from any aforementioned product other than VLF Sinus 62.


  • Double-click on EasyProt_62.exe, if you want to import VLF Sinus 62 log files.
EasyProt version update
19.7 MB | 10/12/21
MFM10 update
11.1 MB | 10/12/21